Concept Creation:

The initial phase of the design process is to create a concept based on your specific stylistic nuances.

First we’ll hop on a quick phone call to chat through your project and schedule an in-person meeting. At this first meeting we take photos and measurements, and dive into discussions of the scope of what you want to accomplish and your specific stylistic preferences. We’ll review any inspiration images you have, and discuss what you like and don’t like in each space to hone in on your individual aesthetic. We also talk functionality and lifestyle to get a big picture of what matters most in your space. Once we have a good idea of your project’s specifics, we create a custom proposal detailing the scope of our work together for your approval.

After you approve the proposal we dive into creating your bespoke concept, including multiple options for your design direction. In spaces where we’re proposing architectural changes, these options mean different configurations of the floor plan - whereas with furniture and decor concepts the options will involve different selections that vary subtly different in price and style so we can engineer a space that revolves around what you value.

The last step in this phase is to revise the concept as needed until it’s just right for you aesthetically, functionally and financially.


Detailed Design Drawings:

The second phase of the design process is to create detailed drawings and documents that allow you to easily execute the design concept created together.

Naturally, these drawings and documents vary depending on the specifics of your project.

For designs that only involve cosmetic elements, these drawings typically include mood boards, layouts, and detailed presentations focused on the furniture, lighting, etc. we’re proposing.

For design projects that involve coordination with any other trade professionals (architects, contractors, craftsmen), this phase is where it’s very important to have a professionally trained interior designer instead of a decorator. Our degree and years of experience have taught us to anticipate the needs of the tradesmen on your job, as well as to create design drawings they can understand and utilize.

For projects like these, your design documents will include detailed drawings with dimensions and specifications, 3D renderings of your space, and/ or buildable elevations and floor plans.

The design process should be fun and exciting for you, so it’s our job to be efficient and accurate to keep your project on track and moving forward!



The last phase of the design process is to bring your bespoke design to life!

This experience varies on the scope of our work together, and the amount of our involvement completely depends on your preference - we can be as hands on or off as you want.

For instance, in designs where we’re simply working on optimizing your furniture and floor plan, the implementation phase might mean creating a custom piece we designed for your space, purchasing furniture, decor and styling items, and / or overseeing deliveries.

For larger projects, in addition to assisting with these elements we may also refer or help oversee the work of tradesmen necessary to execute your design (tile installers, cabinetry makers, plumbers, electricians, etc.).

On the other hand, if you’ve hired a general contractor to do your project management and just want some pointers on questions to ask to make sure you’re on the right track, we’re happy to help there as well.

Either way, this final phase includes a complementary visit with styling tips and photos of your finished space!