Olive + Oak Interiors


Olive + Oak Interiors is a full-service Interior Design firm located in San Diego, CA, specializing in residential renovations and remodels.  

We believe in curating bespoke spaces that are a direct reflection of those who will enjoy them; the goal is to tailor your space so it is a reflection of you. Whether you are looking for low maintenance materials or statement pieces, we are here to make your home optimally yours. 

Have a hard time visualizing? Our rendering capabilities allow you to see your space with the finishes you are considering, to help give you the utmost confidence about all of your design decisions. 

Though we are based in sunny San Diego, Olive + Oak also offers E-Design services remotely for projects nationwide.

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Hi, I’m Hope! I’m the Founder and Principal Designer here at Olive + Oak Interiors.

I’ve been around the residential design process my entire life and absolutely love design. The power of space to transform experience has always fascinated me, and I love creating beautiful, bespoke spaces for my clients. The whole cliche that if love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life absolutely summarizes mine.

I have a bachelor’s in Interior Design with a minor in sustainability, was the president of the American Society of Interior Designers chapter in college, and have been working as a professional in the industry for eight years. Even still, I feel the real testament to my passion for design is that when I have free time I typically spend it doing something design-related (HGTV, anyone?), or hanging out with people who I can talk design to.

I believe that self care starts at home, and yours should be a personal expression of what you love. My passion is weaving together my client’s personal taste, design principles, the psychological aspects of space and organizational components to create a beautiful, functional haven that inspires them to live their best life.

Let’s work together to transform your space into something that gives you both peace and joy.



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